Review: Pop’s Garage by Jack Mattingly and Whiskey Fever

Pop’s Garage by Jack Mattingly and Whiskey Fever (8.5/10):

Pop’s Garage

According to drummer Andy Brown, “Jack is a relatively young singer-songwriter who plays and sounds like an older more seasoned artist.  Maybe it is because he grew up listening to a lot of Johnny Cash, Earl Scruggs, Tom Petty, Hank Williams, etc.  As he got older his musical tastes and influences expanded.  He was and is still quite the Weezer fan.”

The band as a whole has a pretty interesting sound overall, but what appeals to me the most is the clever lyrics that are often pretty humorous.
The 5 song album as a whole is a nice effort put forth, but “Homeboyz” and “Postal” are really standouts that make me think this band could do very well if only a few more people gave them a listen. “Homeboyz” has comical lyrics that force you to crack a smile no matter what mood you’re in. “Postal” is a tune that really draws you in; as you listen to the song, the lyrics really strike you in a cool way.
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