Review: “Submarine” EP by Black Mountain Lights

“Submarine” EP by Black Mountain Lights: 8/10

Submarine EP

Recommended for fans of: Dawes, Delta Rae

Consisting of only three tracks, Black Mountain Lights’ debut EP “Submarine” shows great promise and offers ample intrigue.

The standout track is definitely Two Steps. This song has a crazy good beat accompanied by just the right amount of banjo. Immediately, I thought of Bottom of the River by Delta Rae. Despite the fact that this band is from England, the intro sounds like something straight out of the Louisiana bayou. If nothing else give this song a listen.

The other two songs, Submarine and Tumbling Sky, are both good songs, but they are pretty standard folk songs emulating much of what has been put out over the last few years. But seriously, listen to Two Steps.

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