Review: “Submarine” EP by Black Mountain Lights

“Submarine” EP by Black Mountain Lights: 8/10

Submarine EP

Recommended for fans of: Dawes, Delta Rae

Consisting of only three tracks, Black Mountain Lights’ debut EP “Submarine” shows great promise and offers ample intrigue.

The standout track is definitely Two Steps. This song has a crazy good beat accompanied by just the right amount of banjo. Immediately, I thought of Bottom of the River by Delta Rae. Despite the fact that this band is from England, the intro sounds like something straight out of the Louisiana bayou. If nothing else give this song a listen.

The other two songs, Submarine and Tumbling Sky, are both good songs, but they are pretty standard folk songs emulating much of what has been put out over the last few years. But seriously, listen to Two Steps.

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Review: Good Vibes EP by The Analog Affair

Good Vibes EP

Good Vibes EP by The Analog Affair (8.5/10): This project based out of Washington D.C. is an absurdly underrated indie collaboration between two men, Evan (who I interviewed for his solo project) and Cody. Listening to their songs, you can tell these guys have a deep passion for music.

The whole album just gives off the air of excitement that I am sure was around when they were recording. My favorite song on the album is Riverside. This song has all the makings of a hit folk song, but none of the views. It’s a shame that the band has not gained any recognition, but I feel that if they make a few more songs like this one, they won’t be undiscovered for long. The rest of the album is also great, but (other than Waves) it doesn’t have quite the spark that Riverside has. That being said, it is totally worth a listen and a download

Review: Wild Country EP

“Wild Country EP” by Wake Owl (9.5/10) “Wild Country EP” is a seriously stunning EP released last November. The members of Wake Owl should be proud of what they’ve done. Many of the tracks remind me of Ben Howard. Any of the songs can do well to calm you down when you’re wound up. I wish these guys much success as they really deserve some recognition with this album. Expect good lyrics (not the deepest ever but good nonetheless), catchy beats, and an overall fun experience.

Wild Country EP

1. Wild Country – (10/10) What an amazing song to open this album. The voice on the singer is awesome, the guitar is sweet, and it all meshes together perfectly. I really can’t say enough about this song. Go give it a listen.

2. You’ll Never Go – (9/10) This song has a little more of that bluegrass twang to it. The chorus is just as “pop” like as the last song, but overall there is a more folksy feel on this one. I’m pretty sure I’m hearing a tambourine too, and I’m loving it.

3. Gold – (10/10) This album continues to impress. The chorus is so catchy on this tune. This is definitely a folk pop song, but not a generic one. There is a great amount of depth added by the intense string instruments and the “oooooohhs.”

4. Grow – (8/10) Not quite as awesome as the prior three, but still great. There wasn’t anything too captivating about this song. That being said, the song is so upbeat that it is impossible to dislike. I found myself moving around a lot while listening to it.

5. Seaside – (9/10) A nice simple song to end the EP. The lyrics are very simple, but I don’t mind that at all. Great composition, and a really great effort put out by Wake Owl.