Review: “Wild EP” by The Analog Affair

Wild EP by The Analog Affair (9/10): I first became exposed to The Analog Affair when band member Evan contacted me about doing an interview with him for his side project Light the Air (the interview can be found here: After exposing myself to Evan’s style, he suggested that I check out his band called The Analog Affair. The Analog Affair is a combined effort of Evan and Cody (I also did a review of their previous album here: The last album, Good Vibes EP, of theirs that I reviewed was a folksy one. Listening to Wild EP is like listening to an entirely new band; Wild EP is  infused with electropop, indie pop, and indietronica mostly.

Wild EP

Now I typically cringe when a band tries to exit its genre because often it becomes apparent that the band is a one trick pony. The Analog Affair, however, pulls off the genre switch with ease. Every track on the album makes you want to move; be it dancing, working out, or even just writing an album review. So check it out, Evan and Cody have major talent that will assure they make it far in the business.


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Review: Everyone Everywhere by Everyone Everywhere

Everyone Everywhere

Everyone Everywhere by Everyone Everywhere (8/10): These Philadelphia rockers really know how to put together an album. They’ve got a sort of angsty sound on the album without seeming whiny.

The whole album has a high energy feel that makes you want to rock out but lyrics that make you want to sit on your bed and think about your life. My favorite track is definitely Fervor and Indifference in the Bicameral Brain because of the awesome variety within the song (I hear a bit of banjo in there). There are some points on the album where you get a bit tired of the sound, but for the most part, it’s an enjoyable listen and definitely worth the price ($1).